Monday, October 5, 2009

About the Author - DR SHAARI ISA

Shaari Isa began his career as a teacher but went on to obtain an accountancy professional qualification and a doctoral degree in the same discipline. He began his teaching career at the Sultan Idris Training College (SITC) Tg Malim after completing the teacher training programme at the Kirkby College, near Liverpool England. It was while teaching at the SITC College that he began to write.

In 1962 Shaari was selected to undergo an undergraduate programme in the field of business, in New Zealand. He completed the programme with a specialisation in accountancy and was placed in the Ministry of Education. While in the Ministry he continued writing covering both academic as well as creative works.

Then he went on to serve as the bursar/financial controller at the newly opened Universiti Utara Malaysia (Northern University). But his interest in writing did not diminish. His close involvement within the academic environment encouraged him to seek higher qualification.

He left the country again to do his master degree followed by the doctoral programme. On his return he served as an accounting lecturer at the UIA and the UM. Shaari has an equal love for both literary and academic writings. His works include essays and journal articles; school, college and university texts; short stories and novels. His writings, in particular his essays and novels reflect his deep concern for social order, clear thinking and human happiness.

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